Spectrum of activities

  • Scientific research
  • Experimental research and development
  • Production activity
  • Installation of comprehensive security systems at sites
  • Installation of communications systems at sites
  • Consulting services
  • Comprehensive information security
  • Construction activities

Scientific research

Scientific activities includes the following:

Mathematical modeling:

Vulnerability Analysis is a process to determine and describe physical protection elements, potential threats, adversary models (both insiders and outsiders), and consequences of unauthorized activities.

The detection of vulnerable points may be performed by different methods, for example by compiling a roster (vulnerable points listing), method of developing logical diagrams allowing one to detect vulnerable points (or a group of vulnerable points), where if adversary has exerted an impact on those points, he might succeed with a planned action (sabotage, terrorist act, theft of material and information values).

The model of potential adversary (both insider and outsider) contains his main properties: goals and objectives, number of people involved, equipment and weapons, awareness etc.

Usually the vulnerability assessment is the first stage of the design or upgrade of the site security system. Vulnerability assessment is conducted in compliance with the approved regulatory document of the State Corporation "Rosatom". JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” specialists are involved in methodological support of vulnerability assessment on a contractual basis. When necessary, specialized organizations are invited to participate in the process.

The JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” specialists performed vulnerability analysis for more than 100 sites including:

  • Nuclear power plants and large industrial sites of Rosatom in Russia;
  • Hydroelectric power plants;
  • Administrative buildings
  • Sites of Goznak (Mint), Gokhran (State Committee for Security Storage of National Values), Central Bank of Russia etc.

Evaluation of effectiveness of physical protection of special cargoes shipped by railway or ground transportation is performed using the table-top technique (situation modeling methods) and special software.

Eleron offers state-of-the-art modeling technique and special software to evaluate the effectiveness of new and operating physical protection systems (PPS) at any site.

Physical protection system effectiveness evaluation is based on quantitative and qualitative assessment of system ability to address threats defined during vulnerability analysis.

As an index of security system effectiveness we use the probability of interruption of advesary’s activity by response force being deployed following the alarms from the detection and assessment system. This index reflects the contribution of engineering and technical means of the physical protection system and activity of personnel into the site security.

Evaluation of effectiveness is performed based on the results of simulation of security system operation when adversary intrudes into the site and/or site secured areas. Depending on the task, we use either mathematical modeling (usually applies to fixed sites) or table-top technique.

"Eleron" uses the State Corporation "Rosatom"-approved regulatory document as a guidance for conducting evaluation of a physical protection system effectiveness at fixed sites.

Modeling during evaluation of a physical protection system effectiveness is a routine and labor-intensive process. In order to automate this process, JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” specialists have developed special software packages for evaluation of system effectiveness: "WEGA-2"(software code has been used already and continues to be used at the State Corporation Rosatom and the RF MoD sites) and "Polygon" (software package utilizes gaming simulation technology to evaluate the system, including evaluation of effectiveness of the Physical Protection System securing nuclear material during transportation).

Evaluation of system effectiveness was performed at the following large sites of Rosatom:

  • Siberian Chemical Combine, Seversk
  • Mining and Chemical Combine (Zheleznogorsk);
  • Production Association “Mayak” (Ozersk);
  • Electrochemical Plant (Zelenogorsk);
  • Chemical and metallurgical plant (Krasnoyarsk);
  • Rostov Nuclear Power Plant;
  • Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant etc.

On top of that, evaluation of system effectiveness was conducted for more than 20 various RF MOD sites.

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” develops conceptual proposals with regards to strengthening site physical protection and conceptual designs at the pre-design stage of PPS installation (upgrade). Optimization of proposed solutions utilizes the "cost-effectiveness" criterion.

The objective of conceptual design is to develop technical and organizational solutions allowing one to achieve maximum effectiveness of security system based on set by the customer constraints for financial and other resources, as well as in a view of requirements for the security system set by the regulatory documents.

The regulatory basis for conceptual design is enacted by the regulatory document of Russian State Corporation for Atomic Energy "Rosatom" level.

The goal of conceptual design is to develop a concept of building site security system, i.e. the structure and configuration of physical security layers, proposals on organizational/administratyive measures and security force activities. Conceptual design is developed based on the results of vulnerability assessment and evaluation of effectiveness of existing security system. Proposed option(s) is (are) then justified by evauation of security system effectiveness and preliminary cost of system implementation.

When conceptual design is being developed, the following tasks are performed:

  • Development of options of building a complex of PPS engineering and technical devices;
  • Development of options of equipment configuration in secured areas; justification of selection of type of PPS engineering and technical devices;
  • Development of proposals towards protection of information in the security system;
  • Development of proposals towards the usage of security personnel;
  • Development of proposals on organizational/administrative measures;
  • Evaluation of effectiveness and cost of proposed option(s) of security system’s engineering and technical components configuration.

All work is performed in close cooperation with the customer (site) units and services.

Conceptual design allows one to achieve the required level of site security with minimum material and labor costs. Without this stage, certain errors may be made, and correction of these errors at subsequent stages might be associated with incurring large costs.

Experimental Research and Development

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” develops new and performs upgrades of existing security complexes, systems and components, namely:

  • Security sensors operating on different physical principles for application in premises and at site perimeters and allowing one to ensure the high probability of detection of any type of intrusion into the site or secured premise;
  • Access Control and Administration Systems;
  • Systems that detect metal, explosives, and radioactive materials;
  • Alarm Data Acquisition & Processing Systems that can collect and process signals from any number of connected sensors and implement a required number of procedures and security tactics of enabling/disabling alarms;
  • Information security devices and systems, including complexes for detection of means of unauthorized information pickup;
  • Automated Transportation Security Systems for special materials and cargoes;
  • Automated systems for detection of intrusion from air and water.

Performance of Tests

  • Bench tests and full-scale tests of pilot prototypes and serially produced items;
  • Certification tests.

Regulatory support

Production activity

Experimental and Prototype Production Department (EPPD) fabricates mockup and prototype products within the framework of Research and Development activities performed by the main enterprise. The department also manufactures small and medium-size batches of serial security equipment.

The production area of EPPD is 12700 m2.

Experimental and Prototype Production Department consists of several shops and production areas that are furnished with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment and can perform the following operations:

  • Cutting of sheet material by lazer unit or guillotine shears; cutting of bars, angles and channel bars by contour band saws;
  • Mechanical processing (milling, cutting, drilling, planning, grinding, boring, electroerosive treatment etc.) of materials by lathes with computerized numerical control (lathes for mechanical processing are made by leading manufacturers);
  • Manufacturing of cable trays and tray covers from galvanized steel at four rolling mills. Trays and covers come in two standard sizes;
  • Punching of small items;
  • Welding of metals with semi-automatic welding wire supply machine and arc welding of nonferrous metals in argon environment;
  • Casting of various pieces in thermoplast processing machines (polystyrene, ABC, polycarbonate, aramid, and glass-filled plastics). Casting of expended polystyrene simulates surfaces as they were made of fine wood. Plastic surfaces are colored with fine-disperse coloring agents;
  • Moulding of rubber seals, shock-absorbers and protective covers; moulding of small parts from AG-4V-type fiberglass plastic substances;
  • Application of paint and/or laquer finish,,both protective and decorative, using a wide spectrum of colors;
  • Application of powder enamel coats to metal parts using the tribostatic technology;
  • Assembly of circuit boards (point-to-point wiring and surface mounting) at state-of-the art automatic facilities;
  • Repair of circuit boards using the first in Russia universal and completely conventional repair center designed for assembly and repair of circuit boards with any type of test methodology and procedures applicable during the phase of product development, assembly of pilot batches and serial production. Area of application varies from chip components 01005 to BGA 40х40 mm for small and medium-sized circuitry boards;
  • Manufacturing of connecting cables and cable assemblies; installation of distributing cabinets and devices;
  • Manufacturing of transformers and reels including those on toroidal cores; impregnation with special lacquer (including vacuum impregnation) involving the use of modern sealants and glues.
  • Assembling and fine tuning of both individual electronic modules and integrated security systems.

Test laboratory is equipped with a whole complex of required measuring equipment.

The tool shop of the main enterprise features a full spectrum of mechanical processing equipment (planing, drilling, milling, cutting, profile and plane sanding, boring, electroerosive processing etc.). It is also capable of metal hardening under vacuum or in argon environment.

Test laboratory, tool shop and equipment installed in those are certified for the required types of activity and supported by measuring equipment with metrological attestation and confirmation of applicability.

In general, the main enterprise provides for the total cycle of equipment production.

Our enterprise operates in accordance with the Quality Management System that was certified to meet the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15.002-2003.

A number of products manufactured at our enterprise were certified in certification system GOST R of GosStandart of Russia, and in voluntary certification system MNTsEs "Mosekspertiza" under "Moscow Quality" program.

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” specialists possess huge experience in developing regulatory documents governing protection of nuclear and other critical sites, as well as preparing proposals with regards to developing sets of interrelated documents governing the process of building (upgrading) Physical Protection Systems for the sites that have different types of ownership. Two Eleron employees have received the monetary prize of the Russian Federation Government for the achievements in the area of science and engineering. The prize was givenfor their effort in developing specific regulatory documents of federal level on counterterrorism activities. JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” specialists participated in developing conceptual, regulatory and methodology documents for Rosatom, RF Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Education and Science, Gazprom, Russian Open Joint-Stock Company “United Power Grids and other agencies and organizations. Eleron supports the development of regulatory documents of agency and facility level on commercial basis.

Installation of site security complexes

Installation of comprehensive site security complexes includes:

  • Development of conceptual design and feasibility study;
  • Development of design and cost estimate documentation;
  • Development of design documentation for non-standard equipment;
  • Implementation of construction, installation ansd start-up&adjustment work;
  • Maintenance personnel training;
  • Equipment maintenance, warranty-covered repairs and repairs outside the scope of warranty;
  • Upgrade and update of site security complexes.

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” has developed some model options of building physical security systems for critical sites of various classes . When physical security systems are designed for specific critical sites, the following fundamental principles apply:

  • Principle of dividing the entire system into local security zones while maintaining “defense in depth” rule;
  • PPS shall be designed to protect against postulated (accepted) potential threats and models of potential adversary;
  • Principle of timely detection and interruption of postulated threats;
  • Principle of balanced protection of target material based on its category, consequence value and economics aspects;
  • Principle of adequacy, allowing the PPS to remain flexible to monitor potential threat changes, operationing conditions and adjust to new threats, conditions etc.;

“Eleron” rigorously implements all above listed principles in modern physical security systems to protect national critical sites.

Installation of communications systems at sites

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” is a leading organization of the Russian State Corporation for Atomic Energy "Rosatom" in providing radio frequency support, establishing radio and satellite communications, and cryptographic protection of confidential information containing no state secrets in physical protection systems of nuclear sites and sites with (radiation) radiological hazard.

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” is the effort-integrating entity for developing operative VHF radio communication complex "Alfa-ST" intended for deploying trunking communications networks with full-duplex operation of subscriber radios, as well as conventional communications systems that provide for simplex (half-duplex) operation modes. Technical solutions implemented in "Alfa-ST" complex allow the customer to build a two-level operative radio communication system using the same telecommunication equipment at the same time. The exchange of confidential information at a higher level occurs with the help of special FSS-certified subscriber radio stations with built-in cryptographic modules of "Alfa-ST-N"

Subsriber radio stations without cryptographic protection modules are used at a lower level as they are intended to transmit information that is not subject to protection.

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” developed a broadband radio access system "Sledopyt", which is based on Mesh technology and intended to support operations in case of an accident or emergency situation involving the radiation factor.

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” has developed and currently fabricates cryptographic data protection devices "M-527Zh" and "UKZI-U" that are intended for use in automated data transmission system, where data is transmitted via satellite and cellular communication channels.

The design of cryptographic data protection devices allows for their installation at both fixed and mobile (railway cars, vehicle) facilities.

Consulting services for companies seeking to obtain the radio frequency bands

JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” offers consulting services to enterprises seeking to receive radio frequency bands for development, serial production and modernization of radio equipment for Physical Protection System at the Rosatom enterprises and radio equipment serial production for sales.

  • Preparation of documentation package to apply for a radio frequency usage permit;
  • Support during obtaining the radio frequency usage permit;
  • Assistance with collecting source data and developing site communication plan;
  • Assistance with designing and installing radio communication systems at sites;
  • Evaluation of existing radio communication system and development of measures towards existing communication system improvement;
  • Optimization of parameters of existing systems;
  • Development of measures to protect against radio interference;
  • Conduct of study on how the sites with installed radio communication systems affect the environment, obtaining safety certificates for the sites with radio communication systems installed.

Comprehensive cyber security

Comprehensive cyber security includes:

  • Development of adversary models and information security threats based on actual location and operation of sites to be secured;
    Survey, check and installation of cyber security systems; further automated control of buildings, offices, workplaces and other premises in order to reveal and eliminate embedded radioelectronic tapping devices;
  • Use of hardware and software to protect the information in communications systems, sound amplification systems, computers and local area networks from leaking due to side electromagnetic radiation, interference and other types of unauthorized access;
  • Repairs, under-warranty and post-warranty maintenance of security systems, computers and office equipment;
  • Supply of computers and office equipment components that meet information security requirements;
  • Providing of consulting effort and customer’s company personnel training in the area of comprehensive information security.
  • Development and fabrication of technical facilities for information security and control;
  • Protection of information in automated physical security systems.

Construction work

Physical Protection System Construction Department was formed within JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” in February of 2004 to address the comprehensive approach of performing work under various projects – beginning with conducting a vulnerability assessment, then designing and actually building facilities, and finishing with commissioning sites and starting their operation. Today, the Construction Department includes a Production and Construction Subdivision, Construction Support Subdivision, PPS Construction Support Subdivision and Subdivision for Technical Project Management.

Since construction of such facilities as:

  • Fixed Guard Facilities and Entry Control Points;
  • Production buildings and wearhouses;
  • Utility networks and facilities;
  • Security perimeters;
  • Hardened firing positions;
  • Modular entry control points;
  • Modular electrical transformer stations, is a priority mission of the Division, the following is the list of main functions performed:
  • Development and approval of design and cost-estimate documentation for the new sites;
  • Conduct of geodetic surveys;
  • Ordrering and supply of materials and equipment;
  • Management of construction effort;
  • Implementation of the entire complex of construction and building effort;
  • Field supervision of construction process;
  • Ensured timely commissioning of sites and facilities.