JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” today

At present time JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” is the largest in the country of Russia production association developing security systems for the important government facilities. The products of JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” are of high demand by Russian ministries, departments and other agencies acting to ensure state and public security of the Russian Federation. “Eleron’ enterprise has received many awards from multiple prestigious industry-level and international security shows and has been repeatedly declared to be the best supplier of the industry. As of today, Eleron unites a very strong and powerful team of employees sharing same ideas and values - people whose mission is to prevent potential threats to the country.

When tasked with a site upgrade project, “SNPO “Eleron” uses integrated approach, implements the entire scope of work required for the comprehensive site upgrade, including development of general security concept taking into account potential risks and evaluated damage, development of adversary model, evaluation of potential threats, development of feasibility study followed by design, equipment delivery, installation, adjustment and commissioning of sites as turnkey systems; provides security personnel training, delivers design and operating documentation, performs maintenance of security complex and participates in its upgrade and modernization when appropriate.